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With an educational background in Social Work and Theology, Dan has served the wider community for over thirty years in music and the arts, education, local government, the media, and ministry. Through his music, writing and workshops, he's worked with Native and African-American communities, in rural and urban settings, and with secular and religious groups, all in service of the common good. A performing folk musician, radio host, and youth and community educator, he has experience in leading sessions for children and adults alike.


As both a folk music performer of over 25 years and the host of Wisconsin Public Radio’s “Simply Folk” music show, I bring a wide repertoire of music that will appeal people of all ages. Whether it's getting kids making music together, encouraging adults to sing along, or taking audiences on a musical journey across Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region, I offer a 30-60 minute program that can engage your community, as well as be tailored to your needs and audiences. Go to the contact page if you have any questions or want to talk about one of these programs.


I write for two on-line blogs - the Great Lakes Spirituality Project and the Folk Music Blog for Simply Folk - as well as pieces for other venues and forums. Click below to for the both the blogs and other articles I've written.

Educational Programs

For over 30 years, Dan has worked in community and higher education, leading workshops educating on a variety of topics, including community development, social justice, spirituality, creativity and the arts. He has also facilitated numerous sessions with non-profit organizations around strategic planning, goals setting, and evaluation. Educational programs can be designed to the needs of the group.

I would love to hear from you, so email me at or complete the form below. Thanks!
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Thanks for contacting me! I'll return your message soon. Peace, Dan

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