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Educational Programs

For over 30 years, Dan has worked in community and higher education, leading workshops educating on a variety of topics, including community development, social justice, spirituality, creativity and the arts. He has also facilitated numerous sessions with non-profit organizations around strategic planning, goals setting, and evaluation. Educational programs can be designed to the needs of the group, but some prepared sessions include:

Leading Group Session.jpg
  • Planning for the Future - a session or series of sessions tailored to a community group's needs for developing goals, creating a strategic plan, and evaluating the work being done.

  • Writing Circle - Empowering participants with writing exercises, group sharing of their writing, and positive feedback.

  • Folk Music and the Search for a Better World - A multimedia presentation on how folk music has impacted our world around the globe and here in the U.S.

  • Social Justice and the Christian Scriptures - examining what the Christian Bible has to say about caring for our neighbors through word and song.

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