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Great Lakes

The largest system of fresh water in the world, the Great Lakes and their watersheds are home to 35 million people and a rich community of plants and animals. As the Lakes face many threats to their health and the life that depends on them, the work to protect them continues as well. Currently, I'm involved in two projects to care for the Great Lakes Basin:

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The GREAT LAKES SPIRITUALITY PROJECT promotes conversation, stories and reflections around a spirituality of the Lakes and the waters that feed them. In doing so, the Project adds another spiritual voice to the work of protecting the Lakes and serves as a connecting point for spiritual and religious communities and individuals caring for the Great Lakes Basin. You can find the Great Lakes Spirituality Project on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

THE GREAT LAKES RAMBLERS is the duo of Dan Robinson and Skip Jones, who share music and stories of the Lakes to delight audiences and inspire all of us to care for the Lakes. Here's a video of a recent performance of the Ramblers at the Sun Prairie, WI library. You can also find up-to-date information about the Ramblers at our Facebook Page.

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